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what we do

What we do

Our Serviece

Educational services are our greatest area of expertise. KOKOS provides advising services to prospective international students planning to study in Australasia and liaises with educational institutions to serve more students from abroad to study in New Zealand & Australia. Professional services are provided in student counseling, visa-processing, orientation programs, and academic consulting for international students.

As an education and migration management company, we are proud to have served over 100,000 clients, providing tailored information and quality services to ensure our clients' success in Australasia. KOKOS has provided professional support and guides resulting in the successful settlement of more than 2,500 people from various parts of the world each year.

Our honest and sincere efforts have been rewarded by receiving multiple awards throughout the years, which has only been possible with the cooperation between our partnering education partners.

KOKOS One-stop service

After a one-on-one consultation with a professional consultant, KOKOS Study Abroad Consultants apply to the school based on student's needs. Within 1-4 weeks of completion of the application (each school has a different duration), the school will receive a response with offer or request of additional documents. Upon receipt of the offer of place, students can prepare for a visa and pay their tuition.

Our activities

  • Attend international education seminars and exhibitions to represent partner education institutions.
  • Endorse commercials in languages to different facilities.
  • Deliver comprehensive support to partner education institutions.
  • Organise KOKOS education seminars in cities where KOKOS offices are located.
  • Distribute on/off-line information about partner education institutions.
  • Constant endeavours to hold successful promotional activities to create special membership within KOKOS.
  • Supply on-going, consistent, segmented and professional guidance to international students with special membership programs.
  • Access to KOKOS INTERNATIONAL’s pervasive and favourable overseas branch offices.