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This student was requested to provide Medical Report from Immigration New Zealand in December, and the Medical report was submitted before Christmas. Luckily, we were able to receive her visa after a month of processing time since the Medical report was submitted! The student will be studying at NSIA from next week!

Kleeyan seroma

This case was a student from South Africa, she applied for TAFE ECE Diploma through KOKOS New Zealand! She started from last year and doing well in Australia!

Jonine Fox
TAFE ECE Diploma


When I was a little child, I was dream about Kangaroo’s Land. I am here in New Zealand, that meant I am closer to my dream country about geographical distance. It took me 2 years to pursue IB Diploma in St Margaret’s College and KOKOS NZ was together on my way during my application. That was not easy at all to get your feet into Group of 8 University. Well, I understand it. However, I made my double efforts and KOKOS NZ made their well-prepared plan for me. It is not only about the services, it is more than about they gave extra their time and inspiration when my application got in difficulties and about they did what they can in their position.

Finally, The University of Melbourne’ s Offer Letter came as a magic and my dream came true! Thanks KOKOS NZ Team for spending time with me.

Hannah Kim

I was thinking about studying abroad in English speaking countries. To make my decision, I had to consider about a few important factors such as living expenses, safety, and environment. Out of them, New Zealand was my first choice since it is safe, has a great nature to travel, and reasonable living and education expenses. When I had to choose the agent, I did not hesitate to choose KOKOS since they are passionate, considerate, and holds a variety of events for international students. I decided to study 9 months at WWSE because it has a number of interesting activities and was famous for Cambridge Course which I always wanted to study. Looking back the past one year, I do realise that most of my decisions and studying In New Zealand were truly helpful and I am certainly satisfied.

KOKOS has always been supportive and helpful to me in many different ways to adapt well in New Zealand. Regarding visa, selecting right the programmes and school, and even my personal matters, KOKOS has promptly assisted with big smile. Because of KOKOS, I could focus on my study to improve my English and spent valuable time exploring New Zealand which is an unforgettable memory. Those whom who consider about studying abroad, I would love to recommend KOKOS New Zealand, and really appreciate for all the help to KOKOS Staff. I wish all the best for KOKOS.

Min Ji Park
Min Ji Park
WWSE / Language course

Hello. When I first came to New Zealand, I didn’t know anyone and had lack of English skills, I was worried and devastated. Then I came across KOKOS and they kindly gave me useful tips and information about New Zealand lifestyle just like friend. So, I could easily adapt the life in New Zealand. Since then, I could enrol language school through KOKOS, made lots of international friends as well as improving my English. The outcome was really satisfying. KOKOS had contacted me for every single event they held with warm welcome and took good care of me during my stay in New Zealand. If you want to study aboard, visit KOKOS, You will surely not regret.

Bitna Jang
Bitna Jang
NZIST / Language course & working holiday

When I first decided to study abroad, I was confused and worried about what I had to do and prepare. Then, there was KOKOS to help me. It started with applying student visa and then selecting the most suitable language school for me. KOKOS even consider about subtle matters and had consistently contacted me till I arrived New Zealand. KOKOS introduces several languages schools with their advantages and disadvantages and recommended the most suitable school for me to make my decision much easier. Also, during my course, KOKOS gave me an opportunity to join the extra English lessons which is held every Wednesday with an experienced Kiwi teacher at KOKOS office. Since the class size is quite small with few students, I got confidence as well as more chances to talk with a native teacher. I could study comfortably without worries due to KOKOS. KOKOS had contacted me on a regular basis to check on me as well which was really impressive. If you are thinking about studying abroad, I highly recommend KOKOS who will treat you like family.

Jiae Choi
Jiae Choi
NZLC / Language course

My journey started from Wellington. To be honest, I was quite confident about my level of English however I had to face reality after the first level test. Since then I had put a lot of effort. In Wellington, I met a lot of interesting friends from home parties every Friday, had daily conversations with my flat mates in English in order to improve my speaking skill. All my kiwi friends tried their best to communicate and understand me in any circumstances. That’s why I believe it is the best place to improve English. Now, I live in Auckland which is a bit different from Wellington, each area has its own unique character and friendly people. New Zealand is the country that makes you want to stay longer as you live. I hope this could be your reference when you are thinking about studying in New Zealand. Last but not least, I truly thanks KOKOS for all the support and advice whenever I was making a decision. Thank you!

Jong Hoon Choi
Jong Hoon Choi
NZLC / Working holiday


When I visited Study Abroad Expo, KOKOS was the only agent clearly understood my situation to help me. Frankly, I felt other agents were only interested in sending me to school when KOKOS was carefully listening to my concern and give thorough consultation. That’s how I came to New Zealand through KOKOS. I came to New Zealand with working holiday visa but wanted to attend the language school to enhance my English level. Currently, I am attending New Horizon College in Napier which was recommend to me. The school only has few Korean students which I requested and wanted and has a great system for accommodation. If you want to improve your English with relaxing lifestyle, I recommend New Horizon College in Napier with KOKOS.

Soo Jung Moon
Soo Jung Moon
New Horizons, NZSA / Language course & working holiday

Hi, One of my close friends from New Zealand introduced me KOKOS New Zealand. I was going to submit my visa application on May 11th however I arrived New Zealand on March 16th by just fully trusting KOKOS New Zealand. I wanted to study English first because I didn’t want to hear that I couldn’t get a job because of my English skills. KOKOS did not let my expectations down but instead opened the new door for me to start my life in New Zealand. During my working holiday, I don’t think there are any jobs that I haven’t tried. I worked at a sushi store, being a waiter, kitchen hand, did home cleaning, doing labouring job at a construction site, made smoothie and juice in TANK and few other jobs. I spend all the money that I have saved from my work to travel South Island for 8 days since I didn’t just come to New Zealand to save money but to explore and travel. I went through many good times, difficulties and had valuable experience. And I appreciate and love KOKOS for giving me the right direction to have these great opportunities. Since I had such a great time in New Zealand, I am considering moving into New Zealand and of course KOKOS will be on my side. KOKOS will always be there for people going through their time in New Zealand. I would like to say, don’t be afraid of stepping into New Zealand because it is definitely worth it.

Hyunseong Moon
Hyunseong Moon
Cambell (Wellington Campus) / Language course & working holiday