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UCIC New Zealand

About UCIC

  • UC Internation College (UCIC) is located on the campus of the University of Canterbury. UCIC was established following a collaborative agreement between Navistas Limited and the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.
  • Campus: The University of Canterbury

Why Choose UCIC

  • Students prefer UCIC for its fast track degree pathway
  • Students are taught in small classes with greater personal attention from the lecturers.
  • Students select from 3 University Transfer Programmes (UTP): Commece, Engineering and Science. On successful completion of the UTP students transfer into the second year of the relevant degree – Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
  • Students have full access to University of Canterbury facilities and services and feel like a University of Canterbuy student from the moment they arrive on campus.

What does UCIC offer?

  • Foundation Studies Certificate
  • Study Abroad: Commerce
  • Study Abroad: Science
  • University Transfer Programme: Commerce
  • University Transfer Programme: Science (General)
  • University Transfer Programme: Science (Physical)