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Rangitoto College

Rangitoto College

Secondary School (Male & Female)
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International Students

Rangitoto College is located on the beautiful, safe North Shore of Auckland and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced schools at hosting international students. Cultural diversity is celebrated at Rangitoto College and school provide a high level of support to International Students.

Rangitoto College is the largest school in New Zealand and each year receives a huge number of requests for enrolment. This popularity is in part because school offers courses and activities that cater for diverse interests of individual student.

Rangitoto College is best known for the levels of academic achievement gained by students. At each of NCEA level 1, 2, 3 students gain over twice the national average of passes endorsed with excellence and merit. The school ranked number 5 in NZ for the number of scholarship passes gained.

The success of Rangitoto College students in all areas of school life has, at its foundation, an ethos of hard work and discipline. Every child is encouraged to set their own goals and expectations and given the encouragement and support they need to achieve

Rangitoto College is the school of choice for students from a very wide local community. Local students are joined by a diverse number of international students who come from over 23 countries to enjoy a world class educational experience.