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English Language School Course


  • New Zealand is recognised as the voice for English language sector for many years.
  • For international students, there is no way better that to learn a language by surrounding it at every day and every opportunity
  • English Schools are located throughout New Zealand and student will find a schools which will be suitable for their study purposes.

Why learn English in New Zealand?

  • Flexible and internationally recognise qualifications
  • Safe secure environment and open-minded culture
  • Pathways to New Zealand Institutions
  • Improved English to gain employment

Few things, student may consider before choosing a language school:

There are many factors to take into consideration when picking a school to study English in NZ. Since there are so many offer on the market, these are aspects to compare when choosing an English course

  • Program Length: Pick a course that fit your study time table and study purposes.
  • Price: Choose a school that fits your budget. However, well-qualified teachers are not cheap and re-taking failed test is expensive.
  • Facilities: A modern with technological facilities are selling point for all school, so choose what you do like the most!
  • Reputation: A quick online check or check with KOKOS counsellor to get a good insight of an English School. Both student ratings and success rates should be taking in consideration
  • What is about the opportunities for work-time studies

Who can study English in New Zealand?

Your visa determines whether you can or cannot enrol for English courses in New Zealand. Make sure you check your visa conditions before coming to New Zealand.

  • Working Holiday Visa: Most working holidays visa included the right to enrol for 3 or 6 months courses.
  • Visitor Visa: You can study in New Zealand with a visitor visa less than 12 weeks course.
  • Work Visa: Most of work visa entitle you to study in New Zealand.
  • Student Visa: You can enrol and study in New Zealand under your specific visa condition

Entry Requirement

  • Ages: the course has to suitable for student age group
  • Placement Test/ English Certificate: This is to place student at their English level and suitable classes.
  • What will be your visa status in New Zealand