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Dominion English Schools

Dominion English Schools

Dominion has a warm, friendly, supportive atmosphere. School is large enough to offer up to 8 level of English and small enough for everyone to be your friend, including the staff.

School has a great mixture of nationalities with more than 40 different countries.

School located in downtown Auckland, near bus stop and the train station, shop, banks, restaurants and theatres.

Dominion has been in education since 1969 with a lot of experience in providing education to international students from around the world.

School offer high quality academic preparation for study at universities, polytechnics and private colleges. School has a direct entry agreement with institutions in NZ

The teachers are highly qualified and use the latest teaching methods. The school is equipped with the latest study materials and equipment.


  • General English
  • Exam Courses
  • Teacher Training
  • Business English Courses