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Official agent

Official Agent

What is an official agent?

An official agent can provide guidance on all situations that may arise as you prepare to study abroad. Only companies with expertise in this area meeting the high standard of each institution and having thorough trust-building relationships with the school can be the official agent.

Who can be an official agent?

A representative is often referred to as an official agent. Based on the company size, trust and relationship with education providers, schools select eligible representative agents to provide student recruitment consultation, procedures and orientation on behalf of them. Selected agents are responsible for providing students with professional assistance services such as offering correct school information, application procedures, etc.

We have formal working relationships with most education providers in New Zealand and Australia. This means we know the application processes well, and should be able to help you effectively. If you are interested in exploring lots of different education centres, we will present you with the full range of options, rather than just the particular schools, colleges or universities.

Our Journey with you all the way to your desired school

  1. step 01

    Consulting with full range of options based on your preference and situation

  2. step 02

    Choosing school(s)

  3. step 03

    Submitting your application(s) to school(s)

  4. step 04

    Correspondace with school(s)

  1. step 05

    Acceptance and payment

  2. step 06

    Visa assistance

  3. step 07


  4. step 08


KOKOS Affiliated bodies and Awards

  • Specialist Agent of New Zealand Education and Migration
  • Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ANZCCK) Business Awards 2008
  • American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) Certified agency
  • Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC)
  • Member of Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)
  • Australian Import Award 2006 Education Sector by the Australian Trade Commission Seoul
  • Member of Migration Alliance
  • 5 Registered Migration Agents of OMARA