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[NZ] Latest updates from Victoria University of Wellington

2020-07-07 16:08

Read these latest updates from the international team:

  • How the English Proficiency Programme will be delivered in Trimester 2

  • Frequently Asked Questions about online study, visas, and more

How our English Proficiency Programme will be delivered

The English Proficiency Programme (EPP) is a key pathway for many students wishing to study at Victoria University of Wellington.

Here are answers to some common queries we have received from our partners and students about how this programme will be delivered in coming trimesters.

If students can’t come to Wellington, can they apply for EPP?
Yes, the English Proficiency programme is now offered online. You can check the general information and apply online for the course on the EPP website.

Will offshore students need to take an online placement test?

Yes, online students will have tests on Day 1 of the course so we have information about their level.

What kind of teaching materials will EPP use for online teaching to offshore students?
Victoria University of Wellington uses Blackboard as its Learning Management System and all materials are accessible there for students. This includes texts, tasks, and pre-recorded talks.

Zoom is used for synchronous interactive classes each weekday and students are expected to attend and participate actively daily online.

Due to different timezones, offshore students worry about the time of their classes. When will the online courses be held? 
The classes are timed to fit in with the timezones of countries students live in. Typically, classes start from 12 or 1 pm NZ time.

What days are the classes conducted and how long are they? 
Online classes run every weekday Monday to Friday. Classes are typically 2 or 2.5 hours each day, followed by additional small group work or one-on-one conferencing time.

How is the online course organised?

Students are expected to prepare for classes each day. The teacher sets homework for the class and it is essential that all students complete this before joining their next class on Zoom.

Zoom is used for whole class teaching, small group interactions, and one-on-one conferencing. The teacher will use Zoom to put students into pairs or small groups to discuss and work through tasks together.

Guest speakers and on-campus EPP students will also interact with the online class in events and activities from time to time.

In addition to Zoom meetings, daily set homework, and course assignments, students are expected to carry out their own independent learning tasks to work towards their own learning goals.

Will there be final tests?
There will be a combination of in-course tests, in-course assignments, and end-of-course final tests. These all contribute to the final listening, reading, writing, and speaking score. These final scores can be used to show evidence of having obtained the minimum English proficiency scores for admission to degree programmes.

Will offshore students be able to sit the final exam online if the border is still closed?

Yes, in Trimester 1 all online students sat the final tests and the results have been used for admission to degree programmes.

What if the border reopens during a student’s EPP studies?

A student will be able to transition from online to in-person study if this does not disrupt their attendance of any classes that are in progress. For example, they could study online in Trimester 3, and then travel to New Zealand and study in person in Trimester 1 and 2 if the border were to reopen in early 2021. Depending on when they arrive in New Zealand, they may still qualify for the Post-Study Work Visa.


Frequently Asked Questions about current study at the University

We hope this information will help you to advise students on their study options at Victoria University of Wellington.

How are classes being delivered?

The University's campuses are open again and face-to-face classes will resume in Trimester 2. However teaching continues online for students who are unable to come to New Zealand or be on campus with us in Wellington.

What will the format of online teaching be?
Victoria University of Wellington uses Blackboard as its Learning Management System and all materials are accessible there for students. This includes texts, tasks, and pre-recorded talks. Zoom may be used for live online teaching in some courses.

What do students need to do to enrol online? 

Make sure any conditions on their offer have been met. Once students have an unconditional offer they must go online to accept thisAfter accepting their offer your student will be invited to enrol online via email. They will need to follow the instructions in the invitation email.

After submitting their chosen courses, these will go to the Faculty for approval. Once this is done, we will send an email to finalise enrolment and give students their university username.

Do students require a student visa to enrol online?
No, a student visa is only necessary if a student is studying in New Zealand.

Do students need to pay their full student fees when enrolling online? 
No, if students are studying online, they only pay for what they are enrolling in. If they are not applying for a visa to study in New Zealand, then they do not need to pay their annual fees up front.

What will happen if a student enrols online and is later refused a student visa?

Wellington University International will support students in this situation on a case-by-case basis, as the process and refund options will depend on when in the trimester this happens. Students can contact international-support@vuw.ac.nz to discuss their situation.

Until what point can a student withdraw without financial penalty from Trimester 2? 

Students can withdraw from their studies, including online courses, without financial penalty until 24 July.

What happens to a student’s post-study work rights if they begin their programme online?
Students must study a minimum of 30 weeks in New Zealand in their degree/programme of study in order to qualify for the Post-Study Work Visa. For the latest visa information, go to the Immigration New Zealand website.

You can find further academic advice to students studying at the University in Trimester 2  on our website.