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A short update for your convenience from KOKOS NZ

2020-03-24 13:48

A short update for your convenience from KOKOS NZ.From midday Wednesday 25 March (NZT), The New Zealand Government is raising the COVID-19 threat level to Level 4 - the highest level. This means that everyone in a non-essential work role has to self-isolate.

We know this must be really difficult being away from your family and friends. Your health and wellbeing is the priority, so do what you can to keep in virtual contact with friends and family, and please reach out to support services if you need them.

You can be assured that

Everyone in KOKOS NZ is still working from home for next 4 weeks
It is 'business as usual' for us! It is only the location that has changed.
As such, we continue to be fully-committed to supporting our students!
The situation changes regularly, we will inform you of any useful information as it gets announced.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding school and visas using the methods below.