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Support for University of Auckland students affected by COVID-19

2020-03-09 06:49

The University of Auckland has been working hard to respond to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Their primary concern has been to support students and staff impacted by the virus or by travel bans.The University of Auckland has published a student support page on their website.

As at March 6, 1353 students have signed study plans and are engaging with their study remotely. These personalised study plans will allow students to study online, and to allow them to continue to engage with their studies as they await their return to New Zealand. If it turns out the plan isn’t working for them, students have till April 9 to withdraw. For more information on Study Plans, click here.

Study Buddies

The University has appointed Study Buddies who are reaching out via phone call and email to students in China to answer common questions about how to access material and offer general assistance where possible - including being a friendly voice on the end of the line.

Financial Assistance

We know that there will be financial impacts for students who still have costs here in New Zealand, who may have cancellation fees for private accommodation or changed flights. The University has established a $2Million Hardship Fund to support students as they manage their increased costs on their return/arrival to New Zealand. This will be administered through the existing Student Emergency Fund. Students must be in New Zealand to apply to the fund. More information here.

Free Summer School courses

Once students make it to New Zealand, we envisage many will be behind schedule on completing their degree studies. We are offering 2 free Summer School Courses (plus university housing) for impacted students in Summer 2021 to help students to get back on track.

Free English Programmes

For students awaiting an IELTS test result before enrolling with us, we removed the test score requirement ahead of their arrival in New Zealand. Once here, we will provide an IELTS test to students and then, depending on their result, either enable students to continue with their studies, or enrol them in up to 10 weeks free English Language at ELA (the University’s English Language Academy).

Student Support

We’ve put in place a range of systems and supports to ensure that students who are studying in China are well supported to succeed in their academic studies. We’re adapting our lecture, tutorial and lab recordings so that students can more easily engage with academic content while they are in China. We’re establishing special study groups to assist with accessing material as well as to deliver assessments as the semester progresses. For more information on Student Support, click here.

Support during self-isolation

Students in university accommodation have access to all the online resources and systems needed to keep up with studies. Onsite staff are helping with logistics such as food delivery and rubbish removal. Students can purchase groceries online and have them delivered, and for students in catered housing, staff arrange for prepared meals to be delivered. More information is available here.

Urgent - please register students for Study Plans!

Registering for Study Plans brings significant benefits in the form of relaxed conditions in terms of fees payments, course dates and deadlines, and eligibility for the benefits mentioned above. Please have your students register immediately if they haven’t done so at this link.