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Victoria University of Wellington - Coronavirus fees scholarship

2020-03-09 05:40

Victoria University of Wellington would like to acknowledge the disruption and stress students have experienced by the travel restrictions and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure affected students are well supported.If you have any further questions, please go to the website for more information or get in touch with us at international-agents@vuw.ac.nz.

Fees scholarships

Students who have been affected by the travel restrictions have been offered a package of financial support. This is:

  • a 30 percent tuition fees scholarship for Trimester 1 2020

  • a 30 percent tuition fees scholarship for another trimester, up to and including Trimester 1 2021

An affected student will receive a 30 percent tuition fees scholarship for each course they are enrolled in for Trimester 1 2020. This applies whether they are studying by distance in their home country, or are studying on campus having arrived late due to the travel ban.

The fees scholarship will be applied directly to a student’s tuition account during the first week of April, 2020. If they have already paid their fees, they will receive a credit towards their next trimester of study.

In addition, once an affected student arrives at the University, they will also receive a further 30 percent tuition fees scholarship for an additional trimester. They will be able to choose the trimester in which the discount will apply up until the beginning of Trimester 1, 2021. That means their fees scholarship could apply for study in Trimester 2 in 2020, Trimester 3 in 2020, or Trimester 1 in 2021.

These fees scholarships are an acknowledgement that the study experience for this trimester has been impacted due to conditions outside of our control.

Student levy and insurance payments

As well as this package of financial support, affected students will not need to pay their Student Services Levy or insurance payments until they arrive on campus.


Your students should have now completed their enrolment into Trimester 1 2020 courses.

If they have not completed enrolment, they will need to do this by Sunday 8 March at the very latest.

New students with questions about enrolment should contact international@vuw.ac.nz.

Returning students should contact their Faculty Office.

Arriving on campus

Students who are not studying fully online should arrive in Wellington and be ready to start classes no later than 31 March 2020, unless otherwise agreed in advance by the University.

Students should be in New Zealand no later than 15 March, in case they are required to self-isolate for a further 14 days.

As soon as a student arrives, whether they need to self-isolate or not, they should contact cara.jacoby@vuw.ac.nz. Cara is working closely with staff at Wellington University International, Student Academic Services, and the faculties to ensure a smooth transition for students into their studies.

Deferring or withdrawal

If a student is deferring all study until Trimester 2, or needs to withdraw from courses for any reason, they should contact their Faculty Office.

Online courses available

A range of high-quality, fully online courses is now available for affected students. These can be completed off-campus (including in China).

We also offer a large number of partial online courses and block-taught intensive course, which are available for students whose arrival on campus has been delayed.

Go to our website for a list of available online courses for affected students.

Further information

We will keep you updated as soon as we have further information. In the meantime,